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About Grilledincolors

Grilled in colors is about making art accessible to all. An ambitious, generous project that respects the artists involved. We are in the process of creating a legendary brand for the times.

Idea is to showcase talent at larger level and get rewarded for it from those who appreciate art. We want our valued customers to leave with smile on their face after looking at the amazing stuff we have to offer at our store. Our philosophy is to color your life with love and happiness.

Grilled in colors is a brand obsessed with colors on its own online store. The products we showcase can be part of your everyday life. We offer products you would like to buy if you share our passion for art.

Each product reflects the love and effort of our artists. We have an amazingly talented people who take pride in making each piece beautiful and unique in their own way.

It is because we are completely handmade, so when products get out of stock, it takes a while to get it made again and come back on shelf, for you, to own it. And it is our privilege and joy that we always find people who value that. It’s a blessing to see them take pride and swell with happiness for each gem they own.

Grilled in colors offers one-of-a-kind items which is difficult to be copied and is completely unique (no two pieces can be same). Each product is a mix of bold colors and vibrant patterns. We have constantly changing collection of original artwork. We offer range of products from statement accessories to assorted items for your homes and unique return gifts for your special birthday parties. We have products which are carefully curated with daring colors and splashy patterns. We have quirky pieces and one-of-a-kind treasures for your home. Grilled in color is a curated marketplace where anyone can come to shop, share and fall in love with the best handmade products, the very talented people in our country, has to offer.