In this post I am going to introduce you to art techniques which you may or may not be aware of.  There are innumerable techniques and skills which people broadly classify as “Art and Craft”. However, we are interested in handmade or handcrafted items. So I will talk about techniques requiring minimum machine use and maximum innovative ideas.  

Paintings – This is the most common form of art which everyone is sure to have heard of. There is huge variety in paintings. There are various forms of paintings like Madhubani, Glass, Kalamkari etc. Different mediums can be used in different paintings. Like Oil Painting requires oil colors, different kind of brushes (tools) and oils like linseed oil and turpentine oil whereas Acrylic colors are water friendly. Similarly there are glass colors and watercolors depending on different surface you want to paint.

Mixed Media – Mixed media sounds as simple as the name suggest. It is an art which uses anything and everything. There is no restriction on what can be used in mixed media. Although to create art using anything is not a simple task. Some basic process used in mixed media are stamping/stenciling, die cutting, texture etc. There is huge list of awesome products which can be used in mixed media.

Paper craft - This includes making things like scrapbooking, Cards, Invites, explosion boxes, Albums, tags etc. Various skills required for this are Punch craft, stamping, distressing, embossing, stenciling etc.

Clay art – This is molding clay to create beautiful objects. It can be any form of clay like polymer clay, porcelain clay, terracotta clay etc. The art is unlimited from making jewelries to figurines to beautiful life like flowers.

Jewelry making – It is also a huge domain in itself. It has many varieties like clay jewelry, silk thread jewelry, beaded jewelry to metal and quilled jewelries.

Decoupage and Sospeso – Most interesting art which looks simple too but gets perfect only after lots of practice. This form of art deals mostly with paper and glue. There are various other items which are used like sospeso sheet and heat gun for sospeso art.)

Weaving - While crochet is the most popular and common form of weaving art, people get very creative with weaving and the creativity is wonderful. You can see different patterns of weave while making dreamcatchers which are so different from the traditional ones.

Sewing -  A must art in olden days and sadly a dying art. It had recently been limited to boutiques and tailors but there are few who take this to amazing levels with different form of art. It has huge potential to create so many beautiful stuff like from dresses to bags to potli bags, personalized wallets and bases for items like bandarwars and many more etc)

Baking - Everyone must be aware of the art but we see creative souls taking this to whole new dimension by using various techniques of sugar craft and art similar to what you can do with clay making flowers to figures for cake décor.

Wood craft - Wood carving is a complete art in itself, it has its own tools and requires lots of training to master it.

Flower making – There are so many techniques and mediums for making flowers. From burlap to organza to handmade papers there are huge variety of flowers available and all handmade.

Quilling – This is an art done with paper strips to make flowers and shapes. Artist imaginations flow from making wall art, clock, cards and to simply decorate anything you want using quilling strips.

Soap and Shampoo making – This is an amazing way to ensure you do not expose your skin to too much of chemicals J

Chocolate making – Yet another form of art born out of love of cooking/baking J

There might be many more form of art as the world of art has unlimited capacity for skill and creativity. But these are what we would see more often in items we present you at You can learn skills and perfect them with practice but creativity cannot be learnt, it just comes to you for things you are passionate about. We share love and passion of artisans with each and every item we showcase. This introduction to art is to satiate your curiosity in what it might take to create the products we present. Happy to color your world with love and happiness … Handmade !!