Artists create beautiful things not for money but out of their love for art. But the hard fact is that they need money to pursue their passion as nothing comes cheap and art is an expensive hobby. So many artists turn entrepreneur which serves both the purpose – the urge to create art and the means to survive. The fact state that out of many only few artists survive as an entrepreneur even though their art is one of its kind. This is due to the fact that creating something requires different skill then selling it.

Artists and entrepreneurs have a lot in common for example - taking risks, creating and becoming your own boss. Both start with vision and a need to create. Yet, trying to turn a creative passion into a business would require learning certain skills. Creating art is a self-indulgent activity. It’s more like following your heart and just “create”. This passion has power to transport us to new world and inspire. Creating good art is difficult. It takes a lot of introspection and searching. But creating good art isn’t enough to make a successful business.

The entrepreneurial skills required for selling your creations is an important aspect which needs to be focused on if you want to make money out of your hobby. Some of the challenges faced by an artist turned entrepreneur are that sometimes there aren’t enough fans of their work to sustain the business, tons of competitions, risk of being copied, and failure on artist part to understand why a consumer would want to buy his creations. Management experts would call it marketing skills, customer relation, branding, copyright etc etc…

To sell one needs to constantly think about the end user. You need to conduct market research, identify a problem, and then use your artistic skills to create something that fills a market need or maybe delights your customer. Artists will become more successful at entrepreneurship by thinking more like designers. They have to think about how they can take their art and leverage it in solving a problem. It should be a creative approach to an identified problem. As long as you can delight people with your art and fulfill the “need” you are in for business else the road might not be that easy to traverse in long term. All said and done the key for lifelong artist transition into entrepreneurship is purely an artist’s creativity and ability to innovate.

Happy Crafting and Happy Selling!!