Here on Grilled in Colors, not only do we showcase modern and contemporary designs, but we also take inspiration from age-old trends that are proven popular concepts over the years. As such, modern twists are injected into timeless designs, which give a fresh take on classic looks.

No matter how gorgeous your arrangements and decors are, it will not be highlighted if the space is disjointed. So today, let us take a look at some ancient civilizations that capture the essence of timeless and efficient design for inspiration.


The word Oriental pertains to the East, and China is a big part of the region. The Chinese are one of the oldest civilizations in the world, with records that date back to 1500 BC. Travel China Guide specified that the Chinese gave mankind several important inventions including paper and printing, gunpowder and the compass, which changed the course of history for good. Needless to say, many of the things they invented are still used today.

In terms of interior design, their style is prominent, characterized by smooth curves, eye-catching colors and lively features. China Highlights defines the style as having simple elegance, with some complexities that complement the overall appearance. Chairs from the line up of Imperial Line are great pieces that have been applied with a modern touch to these classic designs. The Capri XI floral red rug, on the other hand, shows watercolor strokes that are reminiscent of paper paintings from the ancient society.


Ancient Egypt is another civilization that is still admired by many with television programs focusing on the mystique of this wonderful era. Their culture had such a massive impact, so much so that their way of life has been immortalized ever since man learned to write, document, and showcase their innovations. Wilbur Smith’s latest novel ‘Pharaoh’ focuses on political issues through a story set in this ancient society while the popular film ‘The Mummy’ gave audiences a sense of adventure and fun. Even online gaming got in on the act with popular slots website PocketFruity launching its very own ‘Pharaoh’s Fortune’ game using hieroglyphics, pyramids and golden pharaoh masks as symbols to remind players of the legendary Egyptian rulers of yesteryear. These are just some of the contemporary examples of how ancient Egypt’s influence seeped into today’s society.

Of course, the civilization also blessed modern society with timeless designs in fashion as well as home furniture and decor. Furniture Styles described their craftsmanship as fine and intricate, which are evident in their incredibly detailed pieces. Their handiwork was filled with curves, etches and bends which exemplify a natural, flowing beauty. Our wrought iron items like the Ariel nightstand and Deco coffee table blend similar classic styles with modern, contemporary designs and will fit well in ancient Egyptian-themed rooms with a modern twist. Furthermore, the Dream bed has masterfully aligned curves, with a four-posted canopy perfect for a modern pharaoh.