Okay, so it’s that time of year again when in the midst of welcoming New Year, we make certain promises to ourselves – to keep or not keep is the question ;-)

Here are some we found for/from the crafters community –

i. Get more organized rather more organized craft table – The hardest part of keeping this resolution is organizing everything you already own. Once that is done the task ahead is very simple. You just need to vow to keep those supplies organized for the rest of the year, which is way easier!

ii. Using up existing supplies and discard the worn-out supplies – Every crafter has that “excess” material which he might not plan to use anymore. Whether you have an excess of yarn, fabric, embroidery thread, paper, embellishments or any other craft supply, resolve to use up what you have before you head to the craft store next time. It's been waiting in your stash for years. This year, find that special project and use it.

iii. Pause, think, before buying more – Before you get carried away on your impulse to buy the amazing supplies you just fell in love with, PAUSE, THINK – think about the projects you might want to use them in, or just any five uses for them in your craft. This will help you save the much-needed cash and keep a check on your budget. Although it’s easier said than done…crafter’s instinct to shop on impulse is difficult to control :-)

iv. Learn new crafting skills – While innovation and creativity is an individual’s ornament we certainly need to learn the techniques. Learn new craft this year to keep the excitement lest the boredom takes over your mind. Learning instigates creativity and it also helps you meet new people and new ideas.

v. Show off your creations – Whether you start a blog or just share your projects among your friends and social media, start showing off in 2017. Take photos of all your projects, even the ones with mistakes, and inspire others to create! You'll boost your confidence and build yourself a bigger community of crafters.

vi. Craft more and more – Make a list of projects you want to make each month and set aside time each day to work on it. Meet creative friends to not loosen the hold on craft and try completing projects on your mind. Do whatever you need to do to motivate yourself. Just keep crafting and creating.

vii. Try new things and challenge yourself – Sometimes we see other people and think to try our hands on something which intrigue us. Even if we have enough supplies we fail to gather guts to try to make it. We're all intimidated by certain techniques and projects, but let's resolve to challenge ourselves. Who knows? We might even find a new passion along the way.

viii. Teach my skill to someone else - You know how happy crafting makes you feel? Give someone else a little dose of that happiness when you teach them your favorite craft! You can even make a video or blog or just a free workshop to help inspire others to create.

ix. Complete one project before moving to next – This is another issue we face as a crafter. Our enthusiasm gets better of us and changes our focus sometimes. We tend to hop to various projects on different techniques and craft. Resolve to finish the task in hand before hopping on to the next. This will give you sense of satisfaction and keep you focused.

I am sure many of you can relate to the list above as a crafter. We would like to hear more on what are your resolutions this year … do not forget to mention below in comments your promises to yourselves for 2017 !!

- Happy Crafting in 2017!!

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